About the Organization

Conestoga Valley Little League and Conestoga Valley Baseball Association is now one organization offering Recreational and Competetive Baseball from Tee Ball to Varsity age players.  Both organizations moved to combine the resources to provide a cohesive and straighforward experience for the youth ballplayers of Conestoga Valley.

The Conestoga Valley Baseball Association Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer men and women from the community.  Each year the Board of Directors holds a meeting of the board members to elect or confirm Board members and roles for the following year based on those in the community whom have expressed interest in serving on the board. The size of the board varies from year to year between 5 and 15 members. Typical roles served on the board of directors include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Player Agent, Level Directors, Equipment Managers, Communications Safety Officer, Fields, Sponsorships, Fundraising, and Facilities.  For more information reach out to info@cvbaseballassociation.com.

2021 Board of Directors

Greg Schaub
Chris Rohr Vice President
Keith Shetter Treasurer
Phil Hursh Secretary
Eric Styer Player Agent
John Daniels Director, Travel Program
Curt Ulrich Co-Director, Recreational Program
Pete Kowalinski Co-Director, Recreational Program
Richard Macsi Co-Director, Sponsorships
Andy Figart Co-Director, Sponsorships
Rich Buch Co-Director, Fields
Gerald McDowell Co-Director, Fields
Josh Lapp Co-Director, Equipment
Alex Santiago Co-Director, Equipment
Dan Andrews Director, Communications
Josh Landis President Emeritus
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